ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Two Pinellas County women refused to let the pandemic get in their way.

Marlene Avino and Marilyn Cisek are everyday heroes who are always ready to share their story with others - especially with seniors.

If it’s a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning you’re likely to see Avino and Cisek at a St. Petersburg park.

Members of a large indoor Tai Chi class, it, like so many other things, was canceled because of COVID.

And many members just accepted it and went home.

But this pair was not about to let a little worldwide pandemic slow them down.

So they agreed to meet here, even in the hottest weather and continue with this form called Tauist Tai Chi.

Marilyn’s been doing it for 10 years.

“This particular type of Tai Chi is really a healing system and it’s very good for the elderly,” Cisek said.

She was introduced to Tai Chi 12 years ago while dealing with psoriatic arthritis. She says her mobility noticeably improved after six months.

And after her first year of doing it, Marilyn’s doctor asked her what she was doing.

“Okay, what are you doing? I said what do you mean?” she said. “And he, said every time you come here you chemistries are better than they were the last time.”

And both are happy to spread the news to other seniors.

But don’t call them experts?

“No, no, no. compared to some people we’re novices even though we’ve done it this long,” Avino said. “It is an ongoing thing. You never get perfect at it. They always say it takes six months to learn it and then the rest of your life to perfect it.”

And until those indoor classes resume you’ll find these two outside perfecting away.