Over the past few weeks, Spectrum Bay News 9 has taken you along Citrus County’s record rainy season and how residents are living through stormwater damage. 

Tiffany Crosby has been at the engineering department in Citrus County a little over a year, but with the recent record amount of flooding the county has seen this season, it feels like she has been working for the department a lot longer

“It’s historic for sure," Crosby said. "We’ve had a historic amount of rainfall in the area. I know we’ve doubled in what we normally see.” 

Crosby said she receives numerous calls and emails from residents who are stranded. 

“We try to get them a call in and if we can’t make an assessment in the office, we’ve been trying to go out to every one of the complaints," she said. 

Spectrum Bay News 9's Katya Guillaume took a ride with Crosby to areas where crews have been working around the clock to remove standing water from the road.

“We have our road maintenance team here building and redefining some of the soil systems," she said. "That will convey water from one point to the other, treating it underneath some of the driveway we have here.”

The idea is to prevent the water from actually staying on the roadway by building cross drains. 

The water would flow through a pipe, end up in a retention area to allow residents to be able to safely drive in and out of their property, which has been the issue in Citrus County.

“The goal for our engineering is to try and make sure we have all the stormwater controlled within the stormwater management system. That’s what retention areas are designed for. We have retention and detention and they are designed to hold those waters, treat it and have it percolate down," Crosby said.

She added that there are other areas in the county, like the ones Spectrum Bay News 9 has previously reported on, that will have to wait until the water recedes before contractors can go in and begin to work.