TAMPA, Fla. — The city of Tampa is working with private developers to bring affordable housing to the area. 

Under the city's Bonus Density Affordable Housing Incentive program, LEMA Construction will build a residential complex at East Washington and S. 56th streets.

There will be 232 units. Under the program, 24 of the units must be reserved for affordable housing. 

What You Need To Know

  • Tampa working with private developers on more affordable housing

  • LEMA Construction to build residents at E Washington St amd 56th St

  • Development expanded to 232 units

"It's a win, win," said LEMA Construction head Jonathan Stanton. 

Because of zoning requirements, Stanton would have normally been restricted to a smaller number of residential units. By taking part in the program and adding affordable housing, the city allowed Stanton to expand his development to 232 units.

Stanton joined Tampa Mayor Jane Castor in East Tampa for a press conference on Wednesday. Although the program has existed for several years, Stanton is the first private developer in Tampa to take part. 

Darrick Fullwood, owner of AAA Restoration and Builders LLC, also joined the mayor Wednesday. Fullwood, who grew up in East Tampa, was recently awarded three vacant lots by the city to build affordable homes.

It's part of the Infill Housing Program.

The program gives minority-owned developers vacants lots, at no cost, in Ybor City, East Tampa and Sulphur Springs. In exchange, the developers build affordable homes for the community.

"It's a dream come true," Fullwood said. "To be able to do a traditional family home and to know that it's going to go to a family struggling that kind of gives you that superhero sensibility that you answered someone's prayer."

Adding affordable housing to the city's skyline is a priority for Tampa's Mayor. Her goal is to add 10,000 homes for working class families by 2027.

Mayor Castor said just under 6,000 units are already planned, completed or currently under construction.