Halloween might be over, but our Real Time Traffic Expert has learned about some very scary stuff in Pasco County along the Starkey Gap Trail.

What You Need To Know

Michael Meyers was recently at the location where it crosses Trinity Boulevard.

It was early in the morning and dark. He was waiting to cross the trail and pushed the button to stop the traffic.

The first car stopped suddenly in the middle of the trail crossing. It was what the second car did that nearly caused a disaster.

"He came between the pole and me and I had to move out, and he went right through here,” Meyers said. There were tracks left behind when the driver pulled away.

The county says the trail crossing meets all of the prescribed safety standards.

But Meyers would like the county to consider making one very important adjustment.

"The least I'll accept is them moving the button off of that post and at least 10 feet off of the roadway to where I'm standing right here,” he said.

It makes sense to move the crossing button away from the traffic. In the incident Michael described above, if the button had been 10 feet back, he would not have been close to the car that veered off the road.

Chuck Henson has forwarded that suggestion to Pasco County for review.