PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — Dancing in pajamas makes for an awesome day at High Point Head Start in Clearwater. But if you ask 4-year-old Jayleen Vazquez, everyday is pretty awesome. She loves learning and she loves her friends. But a lot of Jayleen's classmates are not coming to Head Start.

The Head Start Director for Pinellas County said the pandemic is keeping children away.

"We understand that some families are taking some extra precautions, but we just want to communicate to the community that we're doing all that we can do to keep our classrooms safe," siad Pinellas Head Start Director Lashonda Clark.

In Pinellas, 720 students are enrolled in Head Start. In that past, there have been 1,238 enrolled in the program.

"Actually, it’s heartbreaking for me because I know there are children in the community that will really benefit from the services Head Start has to offer," Clark said. 

Jayleen Vazquez's mom appreciates all the safey measures at High Point Head Start, including waiting outside for her daughter at the end of the day.

Clark just hopes soon other families will feel it's safe to return so they can benefit from the program as well.