A proposed four-way stop sign is raising eyebrows at the Leisure Hills community in Pasco County.

What You Need To Know

The intersection has a history of scrutiny, but one resident said stop signs are not the path to safety.

Viewer Richard Konst recalled a crash from 40 years ago that took the lives of three girls.

"He wanted to be like the Dukes of Hazard, so he inflated his bald tires,” Konst said of the driver. “And the hill was higher and short and narrow. So when he came down, he hit hard and he lost control and because he was behind the wheel, he survived. The other three girls didn't."

The hill is located south of the intersection of Alexson Street and Carlesimo Avenue in Shady Hills.

Several years ago, Spectrum Bay News 9 brought the blind spot to the attention of county officials.

And now, Konst says the county plans to make the intersection on the north side of the hill a four-way stop.

"There's a girl that lives on Horvath, she rides a, I call it a moped, but it's not a moped.  It's titled and she rides,” Konst said. “Can you imagine her having to stop and a truck hitting her?"

Drivers can't see over the hill as they approach. The distance from the top to the proposed stop sign is about 30 yards.

Anyone driving more than the posted 20 miles per hour would have a tough time stopping to avoid a crash.

Message boards along the road tell of a change coming to the traffic pattern.

Konst would like the county to reconsider.

"I hope they do away with the four-way and just make it what it is right now. Because this is what we paid for. This road was designed according to an engineer, not Pasco County,” he said.