DADE CITY, Fla. — Some of us like to start decorating for the holiday season well before our Thanksgiving turkey is cleared from the table. But for those who like to wait, now is the perfect time to get those Christmas decorations out of the attic and start searching for this year's perfect tree. 

“See they're just beautiful. This is how you can tell how fresh they are," Tony Harris explained, walking along the rows and rows of his Christmas trees. 

It's these spots, back with the fresh scent of pine in the air, that feel most like home to Tony. 

“Takes them a minute to spread out when they've been bundled up for a while on the semi trucks." 

He should feel most at home on his tree farm, considering it's been his and his wife Debbie's for the past 35 years. In those decades, he's seen more than a few trees come and go each year.

“Oh my gosh, thousands I would say. My wife only knows the true number.”

The couple inherited the farm from his wife's father who originally ran it as an orange and citrus grove. It transitioned into the tree farm it is today when they planted their first Christmas tree back in 1982. 

Now it's flourished over the years to one of the longest running tree farms in Florida, one where guests continue to come back year after year. Tony attributes his longtime customers coming back again and again to the feel good nature him and his family provide. 

Visitors will go home with a smile, knowledge when it comes to selecting the perfect tree and, in Tony's words, you can't leave his classic farm without a taste of something sweet. The fresh hand-popped kettle corn is just another staple that makes this Florida tree farm a must-stop destination this holiday season. 

Ergle's Christmas Tree Farm is open daily from 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. They suggest you come early in the month of December as they are seeing high volumes of customers this year.