PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — Say hey to Southern Collard Greens, courtesy of Chef Melly Gardner from Three Generations Food Truck.

She took a break from international cuisine to make a family recipe.

She starts with a smoked turkey leg in heated water with salt.

What You Need To Know

Use a medium heat.

“But if I had to take you back to my home or to my family and to my roots, we use pork in our collard greens, said Gardner. “Also, in past history as we all know, for our ancestors in our slavery days, pork was the scraps.”

Some customers insist on pork — you pick!

After it cooks down, Gardner adds the washed and shredded collard greens.

Seasoning comes next: salt, pepper, garlic pepper and Cajun seasoning.

“Cajun seasoning is my favorite seasoning,” said Gardner, “my grandmother did not put this in her recipe but I added to mine.”

Chef puts in vegetables next: green bell peppers, white onions and jalapeños.

Finally, she puts in oil she used earlier for frying.

“Now, this changes the entire recipe,” said Gardner.

Keep covered in low to medium heat for two hours before eating.