ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — A St. Pete Police school resource officer is taking her duties to protect and serve a step further by allowing students to shop in her closet. But it’s not just any closet, it’s a grab and go closet and it’s located on the campus of Gibbs High School.

What You Need To Know

  • Officer Grace Albritton, a Gibbs High School graduate, is giving back to her school

  • She opened a Grab and Go Boutique for students in need of clothes

  • BELOW: Address if you'd like to donate items

Officer Grace Albritton is a Gibbs High School graduate now policing that very same campus. She said she wanted to help out students with something small so she set up a small table with donations a couple of years ago. Now that small concept has grown into a full classroom, filled with everything from shirts to shorts to pants.

“So basically, I tried to make it comfortable for the kids so I wanted to make it look like a store. Like a boutique because I know I love boutiques and I love consignment shops. So I try to make so they can actually shop for their clothing,” Officer Albritton said.

The new and gently used clothing is for boys and girls. So whether students need every day outfits, shoes and toiletries or a prom dress and suit, it’s all here.

“I know that our football team comes here because they have to dress up every Friday, game day and a lot of them don’t have dress shirts or ties so the coach sends them here and of course we have it for them,” said Albritton.

The best part, everything in the Grab and Go closet is free for any student at Gibbs High School who needs it. It’s a need officer Albritton is all too familiar with.

“I wish they had something like this when I was in high school and middle school because we didn’t have it growing up. You know we didn’t have the means, it was the bills or other things,” she said.

When students like Kaden Potak walk through the doors of the Grab and Go Boutique it’s just more confirmation for Albritton.

“My family doesn’t have a lot of money,” Potak said. “I’ve been wearing pretty much the same thing since around 5th grade because I haven’t really grown. I’m actually wearing shoes from the grab and go at the moment which is really cool.”

That excitement and joy about having basic necessitates are what Albritton said will keep the Grab and Go Boutique at Gibbs High School for years to come.  

To donate to the program, drop off donations at the front office of Gibbs High school are located at 850 34th St. S. in St. Petersburg.