For real estate agent Sunny Duann, every home a Realtor sells is important.

But for her, it’s personal.

When we visited with her recently, she was seeing how her clients were setting in their new home.

Duann speaks English and Mandarin.

She has dedicated her life toward helping the Asian community find homes in the Bay area.

She was born in China and uprooted to the United States when she was in her 20’s - married, with a newborn baby.

Duann lived in Dallas for a while, working as a translator. But the moment she stepped foot in Florida?

“And I just said wow, sunny Florida”

Over the years, she’s helped thousands of immigrants find a home in sunny Florida.

"We like to learn from each other, we like to experience other culture,” Duann said.

Knowing they have someone they can trust makes the moments all the more special.

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