PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — If you forget about your parking meter while spending the day at St. Pete Beach, you could be fined more than once.

The city of St. Pete Beach has increased its fines for parking violations. For some infractions, you can be fined multiple times in one day if you don't correct the problem.

The fine for parking at an expired meter has increased to $40. The fine for parking without a permit in a residential area is now at $90, which is the same rate as Treasure Island. Unlawful parking on a right of way will now get you a $500 ticket.

For these violations, a new ticket can be issued every two hours if you don't feed the meter or move your car.

Michelle Gonzalez, the city's director of community development, says they want to help those who live in neighborhoods from having their streets lined with cars and having their residential spots taken.

"The reason behind this regulation is to encourage people to follow the city’s parking rules and do the right thing," Gonzalez wrote in an email. "If you parked violating the city’s rules, then after the first ticket it incentivizes people to correct the violation, so they don’t get another ticket. The City does not want people to leave their car parked illegally all day, especially in residential parking permit restricted areas."

The city of St. Pete Beach issues roughly 150 tickets each day, on a typical busy beach day. ​