Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade, The Walt Disney Company has responded by assuring employees that they will have access medical services—including family planning and reproductive services—regardless of where they live.

What You Need To Know

  • The U.S. Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v Wade, which established a constitutional right to abortion

  • The Walt Disney Company responded to the ruling by assuring employees they would have access to reproductive services

  • Disney told employees it remains committed to providing employees access to care regardless of where they live

​​​On Friday, the company told employees that it recognizes the “impact” of the abortion ruling and remains committed to providing all employees and their families “access to quality and affordable care.”

For employees who are unable to access care in their location, Disney offers a benefit that covers travel to another location for services such as pregnancy-related decisions, according to a Disney spokesperson.

With Friday’s ruling, the high court struck down an abortion protection that has been in place for nearly 50 years. The decision now makes it possible for states to ban abortions.

In 2019, under then-CEO Bob Iger, Disney threatened to stop filming in Georgia over anti-abortion legislation.

Disney’s swift response to the Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday comes after the company faced backlash for its initial response to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education legislation, dubbed “Don’t Say Gay” by critics, earlier this year. The bill, which was later signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis, prohibits discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through 3rd grade, or “in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

In the months since, the company has been more vocal on its positions regarding LGBTQ+ rights.


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