A Land O’ Lakes woman says her doorbell camera captured Pasco County deputies attempting to serve an eviction notice at the wrong address.

“Whenever somebody rings the doorbell, you actually get a notification,” said Jennifer Michele, who was not home at the time. 

The doorbell camera recorded the following exchange between Michele and deputies : 

“Hello? Whats going on?,” asked Michele. 

“We’re here to finalize the eviction,” said one deputy. 

“What eviction?, said Michele. 

She says a locksmith had already drilled a hole into her lock. 

“As soon as I said my name, they realized they were at the wrong house,” added Michele.

The eviction was meant for her neighbor. 

 “We do apologize,” said a Pasco County Deputy. “We have the wrong house. We’re gonna have to repair the lock”  

When she returned home, Michele says she had more questions. 

“The first thing I asked them is who is supposed to read the numbers on the house. The officer said they all are.” 

She was stunned by the simple mistake that could have been costly to her family. 

 “This is what made me angry at that moment; if I didn’t catch it on my ring then I would have got home and my key wouldn’t go in and I wouldnt know why?” said Michele. 

She posted the video on Tik Tock and it has now gone viral with over five million views. 

Michele said she’s not holding a grudge. 

“I don’t have any hatred toward anybody. I get that mistakes happen and this was a pretty big mistake to make. “

The Pasco County Sheriff’s office said in statement to Spectrum News, “While this certainly appears to be a mistake, we are investigating how this error occurred. Once the error was realized, deputies immediately worked to correct it. “