From improv, to burlesque, to even special shows for the kids, if you haven’t made it down to the annual Tampa International Fringe Festival, you’ve got one more chance this weekend.

“Chances are it’s going to be amazing, there’s a chance it could be bad. But that’s the whole beautiful part about Fringe, you get to just discover all this crazy art by different people. My main piece of advice would be to just dive in and join our community,” said festival producer Trish Perry.

It all happens inside Hillsborough Community College’s Ybor YPAB building this Saturday and Sunday.

Spectrum News caught up with one of the performers during rehearsal. 

“Don’t tell my dance professors, but I was classically trained and wound up falling into the underground cabaret circuit,” said Miss V Va-Voom.

Anything experimental and out of the ordinary is Miss V Va-Voom’s comfort zone.

“We straight up won’t let you in if you’re 17. It’s a little spicy,” as Miss V Va-Voom described the show “V-Va Voom: Hollywood Psychic of the Golden Age.”

Overcoming obstacles and finding your passion is a big part of Fringe. 

From every eyelash to costume piece, performing has been a place where Miss V Va-Voom shines.

“When you’re the weird artistic teenager and you know that you’re not going to fit in no matter how hard you try, you kind of figure out like, ‘Okay, what is a unique way to express yourself?’ I am so female and feminine presenting, but really, it is a satire of femininity in many ways,” Miss V Va-Voom said.

The show tells the full story of Miss V Va-Voom’s evolution and psychic powers.

Through a magical crystal ball, you meet stars from the 30s, 40s and 50s. 

With sky high heels and a puppet housing the spirit of Jimmy Stewart, it’s all in fun.

Each show during the Fringe festival lasts about an hour, leaving plenty of time to explore different shows.

“If you come out to see those genres of performing arts, that maybe are not typically presented to you, and you might find something that you really love,” Miss V Va-Voom said.