“It’s been a hobby my whole life, really something I enjoy-- so it’s really easy to come to work every day.”

Scott Cenicola is a woodworker. And he’s in a classroom for wood turning.

“My goal is to get everybody I can, just get addicted to word working, it’s a great hobby,” said Cenicola.

He’s the manager of the Rockler Woodworking and Hardware store in Brandon. They have big items for builders and contractors, but they stay close to crafters.

“Probably our greatest source of pride is our classes,” said Cenicola.

Two popular classes are an epoxy river serving board project and a bowl.

“Each class is designed where anyone can walk in and leave with a skill and a beautiful bowl,” he said.

It’s part of a host of potential class creations. Cenicola says many customers are amazed at their own abilities.

“[I’m] Just trying to get people more excited about woodworking,” he concluded.