GOODLAND, Fla. — Southwest Florida boasts some of the most pristine white sandy beaches, but something else it's also known for is its shells, especially around the Ten Thousand Islands.

What You Need To Know

  • Southwest Florida's beaches are well known for their shells

  • Treasure Seekers Shell Tours takes people to islands in the area to explore and see the sights

  • More Florida on a Tankful adventures

Treasure Seekers Shell Tours in the small community of Goodland can provide a seasoned captain and shell guide. 

“All of our guides are all Florida master naturalists," Captain Richard said. "They’re all qualified and know the islands very well.. so between the captains and shell guides, we make a fantastic team.” 

But while the views are thrilling, these tours are more about what can be found off the boat on the islands. 

Hopping off the boat, tour participants will meet a shell guide like Amanda, a Florida master naturalist and avid shell collector who knows just about everything needed to find the shells that populate the islands.

Amanda, who spent most of her life in Kentucky, discovered her love and passion for shelling on a family trip to Florida in December 2015. 

“I had never seen a shell intact or a sand dollar or starfish, and so when I got here and saw all of this stuff, well, I haven’t looked up since,” she said. 

Now a Florida resident and a shell guide at Treasure Seekers Shell Tours, she’s amassed quite a collection. She’s even written a book that gives newcomers an overview on the ins and outs of shelling. 

“Like I said, I taught myself and I learned the hard way. But when I learned it could be a lot easier, I decided to write about that and share that knowledge,” Amanda said. 

Tours take visitors on excursions ranging from two to six hours that allow visitors to hunt for shells and explore the beauty of the Ten Thousand Islands. Boat capacity is limited to no more than six people. Lucky tour participants might even get to glimpse an iconic structure that sits down in the waters, the Dome Home. 

Treasure Seekers Shell Tours has a variety of tour options that vary in price, so there is something for everyone. For more information on hours and how to book a tour, head to its website.