ST. PETERSBURG — The Tampa Bay Rays have released their 2023 regular-season schedule, with a new twist.

Each Major League Baseball team next season will play all of the 29 other teams. It will be the first time in MLB history that has been the case.

The Rays start their season on March 30 with a three-game series against the Detroit Tigers at Tropicana Field.

The Rays are scheduled to face each AL East opponent 13 times, with two home series and two road series against each divisional foe.

Rather than limiting interleague games to one division, clubs will face every team in the other league each season and alternate home series annually.

Tampa Bay will continue their annual home-and-home series with the Miami Marlins and play a three-game series against the other 14 National League teams. As a result, the Rays have 46 interleague games on their 2023 schedule, compared to 20 interleague games during the 2013-22 seasons and 18 interleague games from 1999–2012.

Next season is the 25th anniversary season for the team.

You can view the full schedule below.