ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The proposals are in for the redevelopment of the Tropicana Field site.

Mayor Ken Welch rebooted the whole process of selecting a developer after he was sworn in as mayor last year.

On Monday, four new proposals were announced from developers Sugar Hill Community Partners, 50 Plus 1 Sports, Hines & Tampa Bay Rays and Restoration Associates. 

There were a lot of boxes developers had to check off to meet the requirements to submit a proposal, meeting the needs of housing, retail, baseball and the promises made to those who lived in the former Gas Plant District. 

Here are the proposals:


Image Courtesy Sugar Hill Community Partners

5,200 residential units of which 50% will be designated affordable housing

2 boutique hotels

2.7 million sq. ft of office space

174,000 sq. ft. conference center

39,000 sq. ft. performance hall

96,000 sq. ft. museum

“I think we have really analyzed what the site was,” said Sugar Hill representative Sarah-Jane Vatelot, “so that the people who occupied it previous and pulled out that social capital they had in that site and bought it back in our plan.” 


Image Courtesy 50 Plus 1 Sports LLC

3 hotels including conference space

11 acre public park

$600 million for Trop

Conventions Center

52 acre mixed use residential, retail, hotel, offices



Image Courtesy of Hines

5,7000 multi family units 

1.4 million sq. ft. office space

300,000 sq. ft. retail space

700 hotel rooms

600 senior living units

2,500 sq. ft.for entertainment 

850 affordable housing units.

$3 million baseball stadium


Image Courtesy: GPD Restoration Associates

2,800 - 3,800 mixed income units

Option A:

$1.5 billion for new stadium

Option B

$600 million to renovate Tropicana Field

$450 million for convention center