DADE CITY, Florida — "We've been waiting for you!"

Who wants to come out to the middle of the woods in Pasco County and get the pants scared off them?

  • Scream-A-Geddon open through Nov. 3
  • 200 creepily-attired actors, including clowns
  • LINK: Scream-A-Geddon

Everyone, I would imagine.

Scream-A-Geddon, open every night through Nov. 3 is a Dade City gem of horror.

It's filled with about 200 creepily-attired actors, including clowns.

In fact, the haunted house Rage 3-D is all about clowns.

It's one of six scare attractions at the little park of horrors.

Why clowns?


"Everybody loves clowns," said Geof Kledzik, the attraction’s General Manager, laughing.

Kledzik says they are really bringing the scare in their fourth year — especially if you wear a glow necklace in one of the interactive haunts.

"You are giving consent to get touched or moved while you are in there," explained Kledzik, "so you might go into the haunt with your friends or family. You might be moved or separated from the group."

No question the guests are infected head-to-toe with fear.

With names like Demon's Revenge, Zombie Paintball Assault (yes, you are an old bus with paintball shooters and you have to try and save the world from the zombies crawling in the woods), Blackpool Prison, Deadwoods, Infected: Ground Zero, Rage 3-D sounds like the title of a motivational cat poster.

And what about all this crazy scary actors?

"There is something wrong with us and yet something so right with us," said Kledzik.