ORLANDO, Fla. — As you're sitting there reading this, there's a whole lot of something going on inside your body. A traveling exhibit helps us explore the human microbiome.

  • 'Zoo in You' explores human microbiome
  • You can match DNA, build your own viruses
  • Catch 'Dino in Lights' this holiday season as well

Zoo in You is at the Orlando Science Center through January 6, 2019. Karla Sotomeyor, Tavares, and her four kids were getting hands on with the interactive stations.

“That’s E. coli bacteria on number five," she pointed, as her kids looked into a microscope. "That’s the bacteria that was on everyone’s (romaine) lettuce over Thanksgiving. Nobody could eat lettuce.”

But it’s not all about the bad stuff in your body. The exhibit teaches you that microorganisms can be fun.

“You tend to think of microorganisms as negative germs, but it really highlights the positive importance of what they do to help digestion and other parts of your body," said JJ Leissing, the Orlando Science Center's Visitor Experience Director.

At Zoo In You, you can try your hand at matching DNA and building your own viruses. You can also hop in front of the green screen to get a “weather report” on the climate conditions of your nose, mouth, gut or skin, and snap a photo to see what you'd look like as a microbe.

"I think the neatest thing about Zoo in You is it brings the microscopic to life in a really magnified way," Leissing said. "You don't tend to think about those things because they're so small.

While you're at the Orlando Science Center this holiday season, you can check out the all-new Dinos In Lights show. Every 30 minutes, Stan the T-Rex and his fossil friends are part of a choreographed music and light display. The show is four minute long and ends with "snow" fall.

Dinos in Lights -- as well as Zoo in You -- runs through January 6.