ORLANDO, Fla. — At Gatorland, there are two pairs of bests friends: a feline duo and two young women obsessed with animal care and enrichment.

Here are five things to know before you pay a visit! For more about Gatorland, visit its website.

  1. Chrissie Thompson and Danielle Lucas are two Gatorland employees who look out for the physical and mental health of the park's animals, including African serval Jabari and bobcat Lomasi. The cats live together in a special habitat inside the theme park.

  2. These two girls worked at Cypress Gardens together awhile ago. After it closed, it was built into Legoland, and Chrissy's path pivoted — she bartended. And on one random night, Danielle visited her restaurant and told her about a Gatorland opportunity. The rest is history. They're a two-pack now.

  3. The girls say one of their priorities at Gatorland is animal enrichment. So with the serval and bobcat, they toss tennis balls to see how much air the felines can get, do stretching exercises, let the cats chew on pumpkins, and stimulate them with boxes and scent stimulation.

  4. Cinnamon and Old Bay — of all things — are two of the scents the bro-sis pair totally dig.

  5. Jabari was brought to Gatorland by Florida Fish and Wildlife as a three-month-old kitten in need of a qualified home. Lomasi was found as a wild abandoned kitten. The duo was socialized with each other in 2017, and have been best friends ever since.