FLORIDA — As the clock ticks towards the end of the legislative session on May 3, the Florida House is taking up a number of high-profile bills Wednesday in Tallahassee.

The topics run the gamut, from voting rights and sanctuary cities to texting while driving.

A final vote is expected on a GOP-crafted plan to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities, requiring local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws and not "shield" illegal immigrants.

Lawmakers will also dive into implementation of Amendment 4, which restores felons' voting rights.

Proponents of the bill are pushing for all debts to be paid, like court fines and fees. Those against the bill allege that is not what voters approved back in November, likening it to a "poll tax," disenfranchising voters.

A third bill will make texting while driving a primary offense. While some worry it will lead to racial profiling, others contend the bill is needed to make Florida roadways safer for drivers.

Spectrum News' Troy Kinsey will be tracking the bills and provide an update.