We are just four months away from the presidential election.

What You Need To Know

But some Hispanic voters just aren’t as fired up, according to a new survey by Latino Decisions.

Forty-six percent of those surveyed nationwide said they weren’t enthusiastic about going to the polls in November.

The implications of the Hispanic vote are huge.

About 13.3 percent of eligible voters in 2020 are Hispanic, according to data from the Pew Research Center.

“It could turn the election one way or the other if they decide to get charged up to vote in the election,” said USF political science professor J. Edwin Benton. “They really are apathetic and they’re really not warm toward any candidate.

Here in Florida, though, organizations are feeling more optimistic.

Civic engagement organization Mi Famlia Vota just announced a $10 million voter turnout campaign.

Organizer Debbie King says enthusiasm seems higher among Tampa Bay area Latinos.

“Latinos are very family oriented. We have strong community. So we are going to work with that. So rather than us go knocking on doors, we are going to work with people and teach them how to reach out to other people,” she said.

Hispanics have been hit particularly hard due to the coronavirus, leading to soaring unemployment rates and issues with health care.

Voting by mail could also pose a challenge to some.

But these very issues could be the tipping point.

“In spite of what the polls are saying about the apathy, I think that a larger percentage of Hispanics will vote. They really are not satisfied with the alternatives, but rather than stay home they’ll say, “I gotta vote for someone,” Benton said.