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  • FLORIDA PRIMARIES — August 18th
  • GENERAL ELECTION — November 3rd 
2020 Manatee County ELECTIONS

Primary Election: August 18, 2020

Manatee County Judge, Group 4

Melissa Gould (NPA)

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Chris Pratt (NPA)

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Connie Mederos Jacobs (NPA)

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Kirsty Zinna (NPA)

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School Board Member District 1

Bridget Heffernan Mendel (NPA)

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Gina K. Messenger (NPA) (Incumbent) 

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School Board Member District 3

Scott Boyes (NPA)

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Christine Dawson (NPA)

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Mary Foreman (NPA)

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Dave "Watchdog" Miner (NPA) (Incumbent)

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Rick Murphy (NPA)

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County Commissioner District 1 Republican Primary

James Satcher (R)

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Priscilla Whisenant Trace (R) (Incumbent)

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County Commissioner District 7 (At-Large) Republican Primary

Ed Hunzeker (R)

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George W. Kruse (R)

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Myakka City Fire Control District Merger and Taxation Referendum

Shall the Myakka City Fire Control District, a dependent special district of Manatee County, be merged into the East Manatee Fire Rescue District, an independent special district, and become subject to the East Manatee Fire Rescue District’s jurisdiction and authority, including the authority under Chapter 191, Florida Statutes, to levy an ad valorem tax in an amount no greater than 1 mil annually?




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  • August 18, 2020
    • Primary Election
  • October 5, 2020
    • Voter Registration Deadline (general election)
  • November 3, 2020
    • General Election


The Early Voting period must last at least 8 days before each election, with the counties able to add more days as they need. Check with your county for the Early Voting period.

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