Rep. DJ Johnson, R-Owensboro, has requested a full recount of his one vote loss to Jim Glenn, while requesting a change to the recount process. 

“This isn’t about challenging the results of the election, it’s about confirming them,” said Johnson, in a release.  “I owe it to my constituents, my supporters and everyone who voted on November 6th to move forward with this process to make sure we got the results right.”

An official re-canvass of the results was conducted after the General Election and showed no change in the final tally. But Johnson says a full recount is much more in-depth.

In Kentucky, the General Assembly conducts the recount, by appointing a committee to oversee any election related challenges. Johnson says this process is flawed. 

“That is why I am asking the staff at the Legislative Research Commission to begin drafting a bill to permit full recount’s in those races where they are not currently permitted,” Johnson said.  “If the results are overturned and I am re-elected, I will sponsor the bill and, if the results are upheld, I will work to find a new sponsor and help pass this important law change.  The voters deserve a thorough, fair and timely conclusion to their elections.  To force close legislative elections to have their results confirmed through the current process is burdensome to the candidates, clerks and legislative staff and unfair to the voters.”

House leadership will need to approve his request before a recount begins.