ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg has scenic view of Boca Siega Bay, but the red tide has turned the basin in front of the school into a collecting spot for tens of thousands of dead fish.

  • Construction company helped donate barrier
  • Barrier prevents the dead fish from floating into basin

With help from Pinellas County workers, school officials were able to clean up the smelly fish kill, but they wanted a more permanent solution. They found that solution from the construction company that is building a new structure on campus.

"The construction company here, actually was kind enough to donate floating silt fence barrier," said Sari Deitche, Science Department Chair at the academy. "So, that was one piece that fit into the puzzle right away."

The silt wall was installed in the mouth of the basin on Tuesday. So far, school officials say it is working.

"The county doesn't have to come in here and clean out our basin out on a regular basis", said Deitche, "We do see dead fish. They do come up to the silt fence barrier during the tides when they come in and go back out but we’ve not seen as much lately."

School officials say they plan to keep the silt wall in place until the red tide threat is gone.