Gabrielle is so excited to work in the Bay Area. Born and raised in Miami, Gabby has always been a Florida girl. A proud graduate of Florida International University, she started her journey working in Gainesville, FL.

One story she will always remember was in 2018. Gabby covered the story of two Gilchrist County deputies that were shot in cold blood. Standing with the residents of Trenton and telling their stories as they overcame this tragedy, still resonates with her today.

Now in Tampa, she's proud to be a part of a community that is diverse and unique, and works hard to share stories that create a genuine value for the community.

Gabby is proud of her Cuban and Puerto Rican heritage-- especially the food! Her best dish? Her grandmother's secret recipe for flan!

Family is important to her, as she often visits Miami to see her parents and fraternal twin brother. More so, Gabby is a proud dog mom of a mini Australian Shepherd named Ziggy, who she rescued in the woods after Hurricane Irma. You can always find her grabbing lunch at Fresh Kitchen, watching the sunsets on Anna Maria Island or shopping around University Town Center in Sarasota.