When Dexter McCluster left Kansas City following the Chiefs’ mini-camp, head coach Romeo Crennel gave the 3rd year pro a homework assignment; learn how to become an NFL wide receiver.

Ever since McCluster left Largo High for the University of Mississippi, he’s perplexed offensive and defensive coordinators alike.  Too small to be an every-down running back, yet too short to be a top-of-the-line wide receiver, McCluster became a do-everything offensive specialist.  Or in his words, an OW (offensive weapon).

McCluster enjoyed a breakout season in the NFL last year.  Officially listed as a running back on the team’s roster, McCluster had 114 carries for 516 yards.  He also had 46 catches for 328 yards, with most of those receptions coming out of the backfield.

Now, McCluster will be officially listed as a wide receiver on the team’s 2012 roster, and that means he’ll move from behind the quarterback to lining up in the slot.  It’s a position he initially played in college, and says he’s ready for the challenge of bringing those skills to the NFL. 

To prepare for the switch, he’s studying some of the game’s best, both past and present.

“I watch Barry Sanders before every game,” McCluster said, sitting in the middle of his Largo restaurant, Deuces.  “I probably know his every highlight, front to back.  Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of (Patriots WR) Wes Welker.  He’s not that big, but he gets open.  He’s a competitor and you’re going to see the same guy from play to play, game to game and I want to be that guy.”

When he’s not watching film, he’s watching over his latest entrepreneurial project – Deuces Sports Bar and Grill.  The Largo-based establishment is run by his father Marcus, and together, the duo is close to celebrating the one year anniversary of its grand opening.

“Just like anything it takes time…it started off really well, I was home at the time when we opened up so we had people in and out.  If they weren’t buying food, they were just coming out to shoot pool or hang out,” said McCluster.  “Just like anything, it’s a stepping stone, we have to keep building, keep building, keep building, and never give up, and we know this is going to really pay off.”

McCluster plans on staying around the Largo area during most of the offseason, before heading back to Kansas City for training camp.  And for the second straight year, he plans on donating football cleats and gloves to Largo High School, saying he enjoys doing something that helps his old team on the football field.