Newly acquired Tampa Bay Buccaneer cornerback Eric Wright has been charged with felony DUI, according to numerous national reports.

Wright, according to Los Angeles police, refused a Breathalyzer, but did admit to drinking at a friend’s house. Wright also would not take a field sobriety test.

Los Angeles police officer Karen Rayner says Wright has been charged with felony DUI, because he was involved in a car crash and the accident involved an injury. Wright was driving a Mercedes and was involved in a crash with a Chevy Silverado.  Wright was not injured, but the driver of the Silverado did complain of pain.

Wright is expected to start for the Bucs this season. He was picked up from the Detroit Lions and signed to a five-year, $37 million dollar deal.

Wright, during his introductory press conference in Tampa, said how excited he was to play for the Bucs and was looking forward to getting out on the field with his two other free agent pickups, Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks.

Wright’s court date in Los Angeles is July 23rd.