Brenda and Don Hoch have some four-legged friends that you might not expect. Step inside thier house and you'll see skunks roaming around and hiding in every place imaginable. The Hochs are skunk rescue workers who take in animals in need until they are able to find a forever home for the furry little creatures.

They work in conjuction with the Florida Skunk Rescue to foster and find homes for domestic skunks in Florida who can no longer be cared for in their current situation. FSR has dedicated rescue workers all over the state but they also have an extensive national network that helps them find adoptive homes for skunks located outside of Florida.

All foster and adoptive parents must undergo a background investigation to determine their suitability as skunk parents. All of the skunks are de-scented so there is no need to worry about them spraying. A free Class III Wildlife permit from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is required to adopt a pet skunk. Find out more about the permit by visiting the FWC website.

For more information about the Florida Skunk Rescue, visit their website.