RUSKIN, Fla. - If you build it, he will come.

The Tetreault’s built it. In their backyard. Their very own field of dreams.

“This is going to be the reason why I stay ready,” Jackson Tetreault said.

  • Tetreault graduated from Lennard High in 2014
  • Washington Nationals drafted him in 7th round in 2017
  • Tetreault has worked his way up the Nationals Double-A affiliate

Not far from the Lennard High field where he honed his skills, Jackson Tetreault continues his baseball education.

“That’s the most important thing for a pitcher, is throwing off the mound,” Jackson said. “And now, I just walk out my back door and I can throw off the mound here.”

The homemade backyard mound was born of necessity. With baseball shut down, Jackson needed a place to throw.

The Washington Nationals' 2017 7th round pick was coming off a productive spring. After reaching Double-A in 2019, the 23-year-old hoped to move up.

“I was feeling very good, very excited,” Jackson said. “Probably the most excited yet since being in pro ball,” Jackson said. “And then, unfortunately this happened.”

Like others hampered by COVID-19’s restrictions, Jackson needed to find a workaround. That’s when Curt Tetreault stepped up.

“My dad is the brains behind this,” Jackson said.

What do you get when you mix a lot of clay with a little bit of dirt and bricks and a pinch of engineering? A professional grade pitching mound in the middle of Ruskin.

“In order to keep the ball rolling, we decided we needed to do something,” Curt said.

Curt’s background as a tennis pro with a knowledge of clay and materials helped.

“I’m looking around and I’m like, 'wow, we’ve got the land,'” Curt said. “Building a tennis court is too expensive, so let’s get a baseball mound.”

“He could be sitting around doing nothing,” said Jackson’s agent, Carmine Giardina. “For him to take that initiative to do that, to make sure he has somewhere to throw on the mound, it shows the dedication on his part.”

This is Jackson’s dream, to play baseball at the highest level. And he’s got a field of dreams to help make that one come true.

“I’ve uncovered a lot about myself about how much I really want this and succeed in this,” Jackson said.