WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. - If one is the loneliest number, then kicking might just be the loneliest position.

The life of kicker can be a lonely one and a misunderstood one.

What You Need To Know

  • Wiregrass Ranch rising senior Adam Mihalek has been playing football for one year

  • He recently participated in a kicking showcase that resulted in his No. 2 ranking

  • Mihalek wants to kick in a college and perhaps, one day, in the NFL

“I enjoy it because it’s time where it’s just me, myself and the ball,” Adam Mihalek said.

This Wiregrass Ranch rising senior is doing all he can to dispel the stigma that comes with playing one of the most underrated positions in all of sports, and he’s doing it one kick at a time.

“Some kickers might be weird, but not all of them are,” Adam said. “There are stereotypes that they’re very weird, but I’m not.”

What Adam is is the No. 2 ranked kicker in the nation. A strong showing at the Kornblue skills competition put this former soccer star on everyone’s kicking radar.

“I just came off from a football season, nobody knew my name,” he said. “Only the coaches, friends, family knew what I could do.”

Now Adam’s name is getting kicked around. A kicker this good surely has been honing his craft for several years.

“I’ve been kicking for roughly about a year,” he said.

Adam’s high school career began with a simple question from Bulls head coach Mark Kantor.

“He’s like, 'hey, you want to come out and kick for the football team?'” Adam said. “I was like, 'sure why not, I’ve got nothing to lose.'”

“It’s all him,” Kantor said. “It’s not something that I have done or any of the coaches have done. It’s just his hard work and dedication to wanting to be the best that he can."

Adam went all in with his commitment to football. He gave up soccer, a sport he had played since he was four, a sport he was also really good at.

“The biggest transition was the way you strike the football,” Adam said. “Because soccer you come around and football you can’t come around or you’re going to hook it or it’s just going to do weird stuff that you can’t control.”

In a game of inches, where field position is everything, having a kicker with a leg like Adam’s is a luxury.

“With that kid, it’s in the end zone, and you’re like, alright the ball’s starting on the 20,” Kantor said. “It makes everybody happy.”

Adam’s goal is to make coaches at the next level happy and to eventually make coaches in the NFL happy. That’s why he’ll spend time, all by himself, perfecting his craft.

“I put in the work every single day,” he said. “I don’t want to regret it. I don’t want to look back and oh, I could have done this, this and that and I didn’t do it, so I do everything I can that’s in my ability.”