TAMPA, FL. - Emma Humplik is a high school softball player from a little place called Orangefield, Texas. 

“I’m the only catcher on my high school team. We only have one catcher and one pitcher,” said Humplik, who is a senior at Orangefield High School.

This small-town girl became a big-time star this summer…when one of her batting practice videos went viral. Turns out…Twitter digs the long ball. Emma’s video is approaching 16 million views and well over 260 thousand likes. 

It was a batting practice session that was roughly 45 seconds. Even in that short time it made a major impact. 

“That is incredible how this video goes, like, viral,” said Humplik, who has posted multiple hitting videos to her twitter account. “It literally goes viral all over the world. You’ll have people text me and I’ll have to translate the DM just to see what they say so I can reply back. It’s just crazy.”

Emma has long been on the college recruiting radar. But her notoriety was taken to a new level this summer, when a twitter fan recognized her during a game.

“I was actually up to bat at a tournament in Houston and my mom overheard a little girl say ‘is that the girl from that hitting video’” said Humplik.

Whenever she meets a young softball player Emma is determined to deliver the same message that she received from legendary Texas and Team USA pitcher Cat Osterman following her viral moment.

“Don’t listen to any of the naysayers and just follow your dreams,” said Humplik of the advice. “So, it was just really cool that she did that.”

Just like Osterman, Emma will play for a prominent college softball team – USF. After de-committing from Texas A&M this summer Emma gave her pledge to Ken Eriksen and the Bulls over Labor Day weekend.

“When I called him to accept his offer – I can’t even explain to you how excited he was. I have never felt so welcomed into a program. I started tearing up and I was like ‘whoa ok,’” recalled Humplik.

Emma can’t wait to join her new Bulls family. But for now, she is focused on her senior season and performing well for all the aspiring softball players who look up to her.

“Hard work pays off and I just want all these girls now that and to never give up on their dream,” said Humplik.