Succeeding on and off the soccer field comes easily to one Land O’ Lakes High senior.

What You Need To Know

  • Spectrum Bay News 9 is proud to honor our January Scholar Athlete for the 2020-2021 school year, soccer goalkeeper- Fady Attalla from Land O’Lakes High School  in Pasco County

  • Fady receives a $1,000 scholarship for school of his choice

  • For more about our Scholar Athlete Program, including rules and submission form, click here or scroll to bottom

In addition to success in the classroom and with his soccer team, Fady Attalla finds time to tutor classmates in need. Spectrum Sports 360 reporter Katherine Smith found out why this senior is worthy of one of Spectrum’s highest honors.

"It can be stressful sometimes but you’ve got to make the right decisions on the field," Attalla said of playing goalkeeper.

Fady makes saves off the field also. His competitive nature carries over into the classroom where the Land O’ Lakes senior carries a 4.7 GPA in the International Baccalaureate program. 

"You know he’s going to give you 100 percent effort. Effort and attitude," said Coach William Lassiter.

That work ethic was something instilled in Fady at an early age. So was a sense of community service. It inspired Fady to begin a tutoring program at Land O’ Lakes.

"It just feels good knowing that God blessed us with the ability of a smart brain so we can use it to help out others," Attalla said.

"He already has a full schedule taking some of the highest level courses at our school, the IB program, but in his spare time willing to help others. I find that remarkable," Lassiter said.

It’s one of the many reasons Coach Lassiter nominated Fady for the Spectrum Scholar Athlete award. And one of the many reasons he was selected as Pasco County’s winner.

"What makes him so special is his leadership on and off the field. He not only works hard and trains hard in that classroom, it translates here to this field," the coach said.

And on the field is where Fady takes his competitiveness to an extra level. Despite the pressure associated with his position, Fady exudes confidence.

"Calmness. Very calm and always ready to go. He gives it his best," Coach Lassiter said.

Fady will continue to give his best in college where he plans on majoring in Sports Medicine. All of his hard work on and off the field will help set him up for the future.

"He started early, " his coach said. "He had his mind made up. He had goals set. He just followed through those goals and he just kept working hard."


The 2020 – 2021 Spectrum News Florida Scholar Athlete Program provides coaches, teachers, administrators and school counselors in public schools in Orlando and Tampa the opportunity to nominate a high school senior who otherwise meets the eligibility criteria to be named as a Spectrum News Scholar Athlete.

Nominees are a) high school senior at public high schools in the Markets; b) involved in varsity athletics; c) have an excellent academic record; and d) be involved in extra-curricular activities (e.g. band, newspaper/yearbook, etc.) and/or be active in their local community either through their school or volunteering on their own time.

This school year, each school district will select their nominee, then that student will be profiled on Spectrum Bay News 9, and be presented the $1,000 scholarship by a local/state lawmaker.