TAMPA, FL - It’s a new day for USF Football. The Bulls officially unveiled their newly renovated locker room. With a price tag of $3 million, USF can say it has finally entered the college football arms race.

“We’re definitely modernizing our football facilities,” said USF Football head coach Jeff Scott, who had been promised new facilities and improvements to current buildings when he took the job in December 2019.

This is just the first step of upgrades with the team expected to break ground on their indoor practice facility this fall. Coach Scott is using this brick by brick mentality to not only build facilities, but also build up player confidence and play on the field.  

“There’s a very genuine, positive energy that is going through our athletic department and throughout our football team right now,” said Scott.

“Teaching us and implementing that from his past experiences,” said senior offensive lineman Brad Cecil. “So that will translate to the field when you know you can rely on the guy next you; he cares about you; cares about this program; cares about this place and where its been and where its going to be.”

One of the first things you see when entering the Bulls new home is a quote from NFL coaching legend Bill Walsh: “Champions behave like champions before they are champions.” It speaks to the need to have a winning mentality in order to build a winning culture.

“I think that quote really sums up where we are as a football team and where we are as a football program,” said Scott. “How we do and how we embrace these next two to five years will have a big impact on what the next 25 years of this program look like.”