PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. -- A busy Pinellas County roadway is causing confusion, and it revolves around turn lanes and traffic signals that don't match up.

Karen Dawkins has lived in the county most of her life, and her drive brings her to the intersection of South Pasadena Avenue and Gulfport Boulevard.

Some westbound drivers there don't seem to understand how each lane operates.

"Cars that are coming from ... that are heading west, there's two left turn lanes there, and the middle lane is … sometimes the drivers just head straight through the intersection," she said.

While on the surface that doesn't seem bad, the lane Dawkins is talking about is a left-turn only lane.

For westbound Gulf Boulevard traffic there are three lanes and four traffic signals. The two left lanes are marked as left-turn only and the right is the through or right-turn lane.

The signals overhead are split. Two show left turn arrows and two show standard green lights.

There are markings on the road, but when traffic backs up, those are covered by cars. If you're unfamiliar with the lanes, it's easy to see how someone in the center lane would drive straight through.

"When you're approaching the intersection it's logical because there's three lanes, so you would assume that the left lane would turn left, the middle lane would be a through lane and that the right lane would be your right turn lane," Dawkins said.

She and her neighbors are hoping the county can have a look and make the lane markings more clear.

Based on a call to Tom Washburn with Pinellas County traffic engineering, that's exactly what's going to happen.

"We'll get out there and review how far back the back-ups are occurring and install an advanced lane-use sign at a location that provides plenty of advanced warning," Washburn said.