TAMPA, Fla. — When turn lanes are not used for turning on a busy Tampa highway, it leads to a lot of frustration and email to Real Time Traffic Expert Chuck Henson.

This week's problem spot is a right turn lane on the Dale Mabry Highway.

"People are actually using that dedicated right turn lane as their own private driving lane," said Spring Hill resident Jim Vernold.

At many of the right turn lanes through the area, the state has installed pylons to keep turn traffic separated from mainline traffic.  

But that's not what happens at southbound Dale Mabry before Hudson Lane.

"They'll drive through, they'll cross the apartment lane, they'll drive on the sidewalk and the grass in front of the Cool Moe's and the tattoo shop behind me,” Vernold said.  “They'll come up to this light and they'll either make a turn at this light, or they'll jackrabbit through the light and drive through the grass by the CVS and cut people off."

This week’s problem spot is a right turn lane on the Dale Mabry Highway, before Hudson Lane.

Marks on the sidewalk and in the grass show what Vernold is talking about.

It's illegal and also dangerous. The path these drivers take goes directly through a HART and school bus stop. There is also a drainage ditch close-by. It is not unusual to see cars head-first into the ditch.

There is good news for drivers, however. A fix is already in place.

Florida Department of Transportation crews are re-striping the lanes and adding about a dozen yellow pylons that will isolate traffic, forcing drivers to make the turn into the parking lot.  

Should they still decide to continue on their previous path, FHP troopers will be right there.

The state has done everything possible to keep this type of behavior from happening again. Keep in mind the fine for improper lane use in Hillsborough County is $153.