A Spectrum Bay News 9 viewer would like to see changes made to the existing traffic signal at a busy St. Petersburg intersection.

What You Need To Know

Jamy Mangro wrote us about a signal near Tyrone Square Mall. The email said:

“I go to the Home Depot located on the corner of Tyrone Boulevard and 22nd Avenue North. If you are headed west, you have to turn left at the traffic light to turn onto Tyrone Boulevard, then turn right into Home Depot. I have seen people make a left turn with the red turn light because there was no traffic coming in the opposite direction.

“Why doesn't FDOT put a flashing yellow turn signal to help people turn left at that intersection?”

Real Time Traffic Expert Chuck Henson looked at the spot and said the viewer has a point. It seemed that many times the eastbound 22nd Avenue North traffic empties out at the light, leaving plenty of time and safe distance to make the left turn. But with the red arrow overhead, drivers must wait until the next protected green cycle.

Chuck checked in with Kris Carson of the Florida Department of Transportation about the process of having a flashing yellow signal installed.

It turns out anytime a new signal is installed or upgraded it is considered for a flashing yellow.

But there are some conditions:

- They look at intersection geometry. Are there any sight obstruction issues?

- Crash history is studied. If there are currently crashes using the protected green, the yellow is not considered.

- The speed limit and number of lanes on the roadway are also considered.

As for the intersection near Tyrone Mall, the state will review its criteria and see if it qualifies.