STATEWIDE — Issues continue to plague users of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s CONNECT website.

What You Need To Know

One man says his account was hacked and his money stolen.

When Robert Nobrega filed for unemployment at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he had no clue what he was in for. He first noticed he hadn’t gotten his CARES Act money in May and initially thought it was delayed.

But it wasn’t until he got on the phone with someone at the DEO that he realized it was a bigger issue.

“Come to find out, she asked me my bank account number, the last four digits, and I said that wasn’t correct what they had. And I said I hadn’t touched anything, I’m here alone and I don’t know what happened,” Nobrega said.

Someone got into his CONNECT account and changed his banking info – the money had been getting rerouted into a mystery bank account.

Nobrega’s now waiting to locate his $3,190 and figure out how someone was able to get into his account.

“I believe its DEOs lack of security — like you look into any company, could be a small company or a big company, if someone goes into your account and starts changing a password or any kind of financial info, usually they notify you with an email, a call,” he said.

Nobrega has filed a police report and reported it to the Attorney General’s office. Now, he wants others to beware.

“I trusted them with my personal information. This is a governmental organization. They should have security, more so than any small company. It’s disgraceful,” he said.

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