There are plenty of ways to become more eco-friendly, but starting a new lifestyle can seem daunting.

What You Need To Know

  • Use as little paper as possible

  • Recycle more

  • Try to eat less meat

Let’s talk about a few small changes you can make today that will help the transition seem less scary.

Use less paper and recycle

Everyone these days uses some form of technology to do their work or schooling, whether it be a computer, phone, or tablet.

Try using the notes app or a word document to take notes instead of paper. You can save space and money by not using notebooks.

If you have to use paper, make sure to always recycle. Recycling only 2000 pounds of paper saves 17 trees, hundreds of gallons of oil and thousands of gallons of water!

Use cloth instead of paper

Do you find yourself going through rolls of paper towels every month, cleaning up messes around your home?

There’s a green way to go about cleaning up those messy situations. Instead of spending tons of money on something you’ll continuously throw into the trash can, try using an old t-shirt or other forms of clothing.

Cut it up into pieces and use them as rags. This will save you money, and they are easy to clean! A quick toss in the washer gives you a clean rag to use for years to come.

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Use reusable bags instead of plastic and paper

You would not believe how many plastic bags I have cut out of my life since I switched over to canvas bags.

Every grocery trip used about 10 plus plastic bags. Now my trips consist of about five or fewer canvas bags.

The best part is that they are so cheap. Most bags sell for a dollar, and I’ve been using the same ones for years.

Another great thing is they are incredibly sturdy. No more plastic ripping and dropping your groceries on the ground. You can fill them up to the brim and never be disappointed.

You can even use them for other things:

  • Packing for trips
  • Gifts for people who move a lot i.e. college kids
  • Eco-friendly trash cans

Use longer-lasting light bulbs

Purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs.

These bulbs can last more than five times longer than the regular incandescent light bulbs you might be using.

You don’t have to replace them now, but remember this easy tip when your bulbs go out.

Eat less meat

This one may seem like the toughest one on the list for all the carnivores and omnivores out there. However, this can become an easy process for everyone who wants to limit their diet.

Eating less meat doesn’t mean you have to cut it out of your life completely.

Maybe start by replacing three meals a week with vegetarian or pescatarian options and work your way up from there.

This will help cut down on the harmful greenhouse gasses produced by the meat industry.

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