Sand castle replicas of Lincoln Memorial, White House under construction for RNC

By Chris Hopper, Reporter
Last Updated: Sunday, August 19, 2012

In a few days, the White House will be sitting on Treasure Island Beach. Well--the scaled-down sand version.

Sanding Ovations, a local sand sculpting company, is hard at work building the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.

Five-year-old Diego just has one word for the big block of sand.

"Cool!" said Diego.

The sand sculpting is all for the upcoming Republican National Convention.

"You'd be crazy not to want to be involved in something like this," Meredith Corson, with Sanding Ovations said. "It's very exciting. What a better way to showcase our beaches and our art form that with sand sculpting."

Corson and her partner in sculpting Dan Doubleday are working on a deadline to get the sculptures finished on time. But they do make time to answer a few questions from a lot of curious onlookers.

The sand on Treasure Island is actually too course to build the sculptures. So nearly 40 tons of construction sand is actually brought here instead.

"People are so intrigued with it because it's a temporary art form," Corson said. "That's the most interesting thing- that it’s going to be gone in a couple of weeks."

Steven Clayton and his family are on vacation from the UK. They saw Meredith and Dan building something else a few years ago. Clayton can't wait to see this finished product.

"It will be truly amazing," Clayton said.

The sand castles are expected to be finished by Friday.