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  • Basic Sky Warn Class
  • Moonlake Community Clean-up in Pasco
    • Dumpsters available at:
      • Winn Dixie - 12120 Mook Lake Rd. 
      • Moon Lake Park - 8985 Lake Dr.

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  • Pinellas Park Citizen's Police Academy 2018 - Now Taking Applications
    For more information please contact the Academy Coordinator, Detective Hunt at 727-369-7828 or by email at rhunt@pinellas-park.com
  • Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office currently hiring for Child Protection Investigator Trainee positions. Apply Now at www.joinhcso.com!

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  • Hernando County Walk-A-Thon to honor former Chocachatti Elementary School Principal Maria Rybka. Anyone interested in sponsoring, call Tori Selby at 352-797-7010 ext. 269.

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Watch our Extra on the Web segment every weekend to get connected with some hottest websites and apps currently burning up the internet.

October 8 - nerdwriter1

Great thought provoking essays on TV shows and movies. This is a Youtube channel and will really get you thinking.

October 1 - mini-magazine

Fashion conscious mothers will enjoy this mini-magainze with lots of childcare tips and heolpful products.

September 24 - seeker.com

More interest story content based on what kind of info you are seeking.

September 17 - Louvre images app

High quality, high definition images of some of the world's most beautiful artworks housed in the Louvre. Here is a link in iTunes | Here is a link in Google Play

September 3 - How It Works by Planet Factory Interactive

Teaches children how the world works in six different areas. Here is a link in iTunes

August 27 - theconversation.com

Great place for hard driving academic talk.  Put on your thick skin and thinking caps for stimulating thought.

August 20 - nasa.gov

Your go to source for everything eclipse. Great graphics, viewing tips, always top notch science.

August 13 - quikly app (iTunes)

The fastest, easiest way to add a contact to your phone list. Two steps and your data is good to go.

August 6 - lifehack.org

A website with lots of ideas how to make your life more productive, happy, and fulfilled.

July 30 - duolingo app

This app is great for learning another language at your own pace.  It's free in your app store. Give it a try!

July 23 - abcletters app

Go to your app store for this free or very inexpensive program that's a great teaching tool for kids learning to spell.

July 16 - wareable.com

If you love the latest wearable tech you'll love this website with all things wareable.

July 9 - producthunt.com

Let this website do the shopping for you with original ideas and products you won't find elsewhere.

July 2 - theoutline.com

Another great pop culture content website.