Everyday Hero: Teenager helps cancer patients and animals

By Bill Murphy, Everyday Hero Host
Last Updated: Monday, December 05, 2016, 9:52 AM EST

Meet Sally Campbell.  Pretty much your typical 14 -year-old if you don’t count the fact that she is founder and Chief Executive Officer of a new organization called Sallybrating with a Cause and a Little Bit of Paws.

  • Nonprofit brings cheer to cancer patients, ensures wellbeing of dogs, all animals
  • Campbell and her volunteers have also supported other charities

Campbell is also a veteran for raising money for cancer patients and research.

But what’s this "cause and paws" all about?

“We’re going to still raise funds for cancer research and cancer patients, but we’re also going to start spreading awareness for animals and go from there,” Campbell said.

Started by Campbell about nine months ago, the nonprofit is a youth based organization whose focus is spreading cheer to cancer patients and others as well as ensuring the wellbeing of dogs and all animals.

Participating in numerous community events and fund raisers, Campbell and her volunteers have also supported other charities.

A true animal lover, Campbell spends time with her two rescue dogs, Sebastian and Teddy, and with two close friends and classmates, Jaelen Velasquez and Nick Contreras, who are two of her best volunteers and fundraisers.

And it should come as no surprise that this high school freshman and C.E.O., who plans on becoming a veterinarian, has that pretty well laid out.

“Hopefully one day I’ll have my own animal clinic and I can incorporate my organization with the vet clinic when people, patients come in,” Campbell said.

As you might imagine, along with school work and running her own organization, doing for others keeps Campbell pretty busy.

We asked her what she thought of others calling her a "hero."

“Of course, I say 'thank you' and I hope that they can help us, but they have to remember the people we’re helping, the cancer patients.  The animals, they’re the heroes,” Campbell said.