Tampa PD, community to keep digital eye on crime with new tool

Last Updated: Thursday, April 20, 2017, 3:03 PM EDT

The Tampa Police Department is teaming up with residents and business owners to keep a digital eye on crime.

  • Tampa PD, community to keep digital eye on crime with new tool 
  • PD launches new program called "Project REC"
  • Community members to register surveillance cameras
  • Allows police to quickly contact owners with potential crime footage 

A new program called “Project REC,” which stands for Register Every Camera, is being launched to help solve crimes and capture criminals quickly.

Residents and business owners with surveillance cameras can voluntarily register with Project REC, which allows police to quickly locate cameras in an area where a crime has occurred and, with the owners’ permission, view footage from the video.

Residents and business owners are not always aware that their video surveillance system may have captured vital information that could identify a suspect.

The REC network will help police quickly contact any subscriber in the area, as opposed to the time-consuming and ineffective task of going door-to-door through neighborhoods asking for information.

Each Project REC subscriber will receive a window decal from the department which will showcase their participation in the program and hopefully help to deter crimes from taking place at their home and in their neighborhood.

Project REC is a voluntary program that is managed by the Tampa Police Department to ensure personal information is kept secure and confidential.

To register your surveillance camera with the department, click here.