Polk County heroin ring investigation nets 17 arrests

Last Updated: Friday, April 21, 2017

A three-month undercover investigation in Polk County has resulted in multiple heroin ring arrests. 

  • Polk Sheriff's Office investigation into heroin ring nets 17 arrests
  • Of the 17 suspects arrested, there are 51 felony and 27 misdemeanor charges filed
  • 5 suspected heroin deaths related to this investigation

According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, 17 people have been arrested after a three-month-long investigation into heroin trafficking, some of whom detectives are seeking a federal indictment against in heroin overdose-related deaths. 

The sheriff's office worked with the Lakeland Police Department and the Office of the State Attorney.  

"These are not so-called 'low-level non-violent drug offenders' " Sheriff Judd said. "We know that where there's drugs, there's also guns, and violence. This is real. People are dying." 

Of the 17 suspects arrested, there are 51 felony and 27 misdemeanor charges filed. 

Over 600 grams of heroin was seized (street value $72,000); over five pounds of marijuana was seized; six firearms were seized; $23,000 cash was seized and five suspected heroin deaths are related to this investigation.

"There has been a disturbing rise nationwide in deaths associated with heroin and fentanyl," Judd said. "Our deputies are working hard to put these heroin dealers behind bars through proactive investigations. It is also our mission to hold those accountable for each and every heroin overdose death that we can link back to the sale of heroin."