Flagler Beach, FDOT looking for A1A washout solution

By Brittany Jones, Flagler County Reporter
Last Updated: Monday, June 26, 2017

There could finally be a solution to the washouts along A1A. Florida Department of Transportation is working with the city of Flagler Beach to keep the temporary road intact.

  • Flagler Beach, FDOT project should help stop washouts on A1A
  • The plan is to re-mold the area by the road to hold more water

The city manager said the changes could come as early as Tuesday.

"This might help get us through the hurricane season, I hope," said Patricia Devico.

Flagler Beach homeowner Patricia Devico is optimistic. She lives just steps away from a part of A1A that FDOT constantly has to patch up from washouts.

"If they build it up and they make the ground over there a little higher it might help with the runoff," said Devico.

City manager Larry Newsom met with FDOT about the washouts heavy rain has caused for months.

"They're going to come in and do the remolding which is going to be sediment, second then they'll come bring in some sod, and third we'll look at posting no parking," said Newsom.

Newsom said the plan is to bring new coquina, sand and sod. He said crews will begin working on South 12th Street and A1A this week, but his biggest focus is on the north end at 18th through the Beverly Beach city line along A1A.

"Dirt and vegetation, what you want to do is re-mold that so it will hold more water, and don't just go off of the edge of the roadway and start traveling north or south," said Newsom.

Devico hopes this fix is the answer until the road is permanently repaired next year.

"I think you have to explore all avenues, and when something doesn't work I think you have to go to something else. I think it's good that they're trying that and I hope it works," said Devico.

The city manager said the road and the dune are both sensitive right now and with the city's big Fourth of July event coming up, FDOT is working to help prevent people from parking there.