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Slideshow: Latest from Citrus County
  • The panther cub was found dehydrated and non-responsive near Naples in January. Now he is settling into his new home at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.
  • Residents are working to save the Old Homosassa water tower, which officials are considering tearing down.
  • The strong storms are being blamed for knocking over this tree on East Perry Street in Inverness. (Viewer photo)
  • A viewer reported hail and heavy rain came down in Sugarmill Woods on Saturday morning. (Photo: Trisha Marie Starcher, viewer)
  • A line of severe storms brought hail and strong winds to Citrus County on Saturday. Viewer video shows hail falling outside this house in Homosassa. (Photo: Laura Turner, viewer)
  • The Citrus County Health Department's mobile medical unit brings health care to people who would otherwise be unable to access it.
  • Crews battled a fire at the El Diablo Golf Course Pro Shop in Dunnellon on Monday afternoon. (Photo: Citrus County Sheriff's Office)
  • Garris Barton and Bethany Vara plan to ride their trusty mules, Barney and Molly, all the way to Ohio to raise awareness and money for cancer research.
  • Matthew Munro, 7, was recently named the 'Cutest Vegan Kid' by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Matthew lives with his mother, Jessica, in Beverly Hills.
  • A line of storms brought heavy rains to much of the Bay area on Wednesday afternoon, including Floral City. (Photo: Shanna Wilson Hawkins, viewer)
  • Crystal River city leaders are considering an ordinance that would ban open containers of alcohol on the water at Three Sisters Springs.
  • Scott Leslie Jaques of Floral City was charged with one count of filing a false police report after deputies said he crashed his vehicle, abandoned it and then reported it stolen.
  • Two condemned Citrus County mobile homes were demolished Tuesday after 42 animals, mostly dogs, were rescued earlier this month. (Photo: Jack Dambach, Staff)
  • A view of the sunset in Crystal River. (Photo: David Finizio)
  • Cecylia Ziobro Thibault was sent to a Nazi labor camp when she was a child. Now, with the help of her son, she's turned her story into a book.
  • Citrus County resident Linda Boles and her bloodhound Winchester search for missing people. A new scent preservation kit helps them do that easier.
  • Maguerite Carson has turned her Homosassa home into a museum filled with Native American artifacts and heirlooms passed down through her family over centuries.
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