Extra On The Web

Nov. 11 Everyday Health

Excellent source of information about what’s new in keeping us healthy.

Nov. 4 Real Clear Politics

Famous for the most accurate polling data on the internet.  Non-partisan site averages together major political polls to give voters a clearer view of what’s really happening this election cycle.

Oct. 28 Science Daily

If you love science you will love this website with the latest breakthroughs in science, technology, computing and more.

Oct. 21 Mactrast

All things Apple on this site with great stories and suggestions on how to make the most of the newest Mac programs.

Oct. 14 Lumosity App on iTunes | Lumosity App in Google Store

Best brain training app on the web. Train your brain every day for free with games that are stimulating, challenging at times, and lots of fun.

Sept. 2 Bolt Threads

The future of textiles. Making super strong clothing with spider thread and leather made from plant root structures. Wow!

Aug. 26 Scale of Universe

Eye popping and eye opening videos on just how big our universe really is.  Great for science nerds, school kids, anyone who gazes with wonder at our night sky.

Aug. 19 Photomyne

Great app that allows you to scan photos with information sheets about the photo attached.

Aug. 12 Account Killer

Tired of getting e-mails for accounts you thought you closed.  This site gets you out clean with just a few key strokes.

Aug. 5 Manualslib

Over 2 million manuals, installations, parts list, and instructions. Plug in your model number and away you go. Great if you misplaced the original documents.