Extra On The Web

If you love hot car videos, product reviews, and the latest from the world of speed you can overload right here.

The internet and new technology has its own vocabulary which this website explains so perfectly.

It's an app that attaches an animated video (or GIF, which stands for graphics interchange format) to any of your mesages.

Garfield the cat teaches kids how to be safe on the internet.  Great resource for parents and kids from trustworthy organization.

Cartoons and lot of tongue in cheek humor that will tickle your funny bone and make you think at the same time.

Another great tech site with common sense reviews on some of the hottest products on the horizon.

One of the oldest blogs on the internet.  One man band keeps your interest with compelling videos and commentary.

  • March 11 - Sago Mini's app

Some childrens bath toys have made their way to your tablet device or phone.  Sago mini's app is fun, relaxing, a good learning tool for your children.  Free!!! Available in your IOS or Android app stores.

  • March 4 - Google Flight

Google has added some new features to its travel service making it one of the best.  You can access 6 other travel sites thru google.

  • February 25 - Food Delivery Services

Best services for delivering restaurant food to your door.  Ubereats, Grubhub, Eat24hours and Bitesquad. We look at all four services.

Wierd name for a website just full of unique links and stories.  I especially like the videos and stories you won't see on other sites.

  • February 11 - quitgenius app

The science behind behavior modification to help you stop smoking for good all in a simple app.

Fact is stranger then fiction.  This site specializes in debunking popular notions, unique videos, and water cooler conversation starters.

 Vinyl records are back big time with incredible works of art, new creative artists, and a record club that phonograph owners will absolutely love.  You've gotta look at this site.

This website is for new and budding artists. It also includes artistic videos from contributors and artist profiles.

A revolutionary new free tool to help fix your credit.

Great website on choosing correct car seats for your kids, recalls, warnings, other helpful safety tips.