Long lines at polling places last week and a shorter early voting period left many Florida voters disgruntled.

A coalition of advocacy groups is calling on Gov. Rick Scott and lawmakers to appoint a task force that can review problems from Florida’s election.

State Rep. Darryl Rouson, a St. Petersburg Democrat, says it's time to fix what was broken by the state Legislature.

"On Oct. 17, knowing in my heart and in my gut that there were gonna be some serious issues at the polls, we began drafting some legislation to reform the deform that they passed in 2011," Rouson said.

Opponents say election problems include budget cuts to the state’s election supervisors, a reduction in early-voting days, a record-long ballot, lines of up to six hours at some precincts and a four-day delay in knowing which presidential candidate won Florida.

Rouson will join former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and other Democratic lawmakers today to propose new election reform legislation. It is an effort to eliminate some of the requirements created by Scott, lawmakers say.

"This requirement of quick turn-in on registrations: I'm glad the court struck that down as being unreasonable restraint on registration," Rouson said. "The ability of a person to change their address at the polls at the time they're voting instead of denying them the vote or requiring that they vote provisionally. I mean, there are a lot of changes that we need to make in this law."