A Hillsborough County School Board candidate is taking action to find out who is behind a spoof website bearing his name.

Type "Terry Kemple" in a Google search and the site that pops up claims to be his campaign site. There is a photo of Kemple, and the page looks legitimate, but Kemple says it is bogus.

Kemple is furious about the site but has no idea who is behind it.

"If you look at the website, and you probably have, you can see that it the way it presents itself it purports to be Terry Kemple stating his case,” he said. “This person is literally pretending to be me.”

A comparison of Kemple’s real site at http://www.vote4terrykemple.com/ to the other spoof site at http://vote4kemple.com/ reveals similarities and distinct differences.  Both sites have an “ABC” plan but the explanation on both sites is dramatically different.

Kemple's A stands for "active accountability," not "abstinence" as the other site suggests.  B is for "budget transparency" not "biology," and C is for "community collaboration," not "Christ."

"Someone who doesn’t know me, who was looking for information, could look at some of those pages, and some of those pages are written in a way that if I was the radical that they’re trying to portray me to be on that website they might believe it and decide not to vote for me," he said.

Kemple said he is used to political discourse and even attacks but he never expected them to come from someone who refuses to reveal their identity and takes jabs at his family. 

"This foul-mouthed bigot maligns my parents and my parents are both dead, so, this foul mouthed bigot maligns people that I love," he said.

The candidate is on a mission to find out who is behind the site. Once he does, he said he plans to file a complaint with the Florida Elections Commission.

"I’m going to have to defend myself in court because some lowlife has decided that he or she wants to put up a website that purports to be me, that maligns me and that violates the law," he said.

Kemple must be able to name the person or organization the complaint is about before filing with the FEC. If someone or an organization is found to be in violation of the FEC’s code the penalty can be up to $1000 dollars.